Famous Discoveries is a Company of Experience
Founder and President Bill Barlow has been involved in product development and worldwide direct to consumer sales since 1980. Experience has taught us the art of maximizing opportunity balanced by minimizing risk. 

We have developed a business model that leverages the decades of experience and worldwide industry contacts with the common sense required to effectively manage the bottom line. We have spent a lot of time getting to know consumers and giving them what they are looking for, not selling them something that we want them to have. 

Our Mission is to seek innovation to provide consumers with an ideal product such that they want to tell others of their positive experience. Our products must have a positive impact on people’s life. That is why we only associate ourselves with products that deliver their promise to the customer. This ensures a win – win – win relationship between us, our product owners and our customers.
Placing the X
General Electric was having trouble with a large mechanical system in one of their primary facilities. Neither the service technicians nor the staff engineers could locate the source of the problem. After exhausting their internal resources it was decided that they would contact the engineer who had designed and built the facility originally. The engineer, now retired, agreed to come in to locate the problem as a consultant. He toured the facility with the staff engineers and looked over the equipment making his assessment. After a short time he walked up to a large boiler and looked at it for a few moments. He reached into his pocket and took out a piece of chalk. He then placed a large X in the lower right side of the machinery. He turned to the engineers and said, “Your problem is here behind the X” and then we walked out of the facility.
The staff engineers opened the equipment and sure enough identified and solved the problem. The next day the retired engineer sent an invoice to the company for $10,000.
The accounting department took no issue with the amount but requested that the engineer itemize the invoice. An hour later the engineer returned the corrected invoice with 2 line items;

Placing an X in chalk on dysfunctional equipment $1.00
Knowing where to place the X $9,999.00
Total: $10,000.00
The moral of the story is that knowing that you have a problem is not necessarily enough to solve the issue. Knowing where to go to solve the issue is critical to the solution. This comes from having experience.

In today’s wired world consumers have taken control of your brand. They praise, they punish and they comment on every single aspect of the information that they see relevant to their lives. If your brand has an issue consumers not only know the information but they share this with thousands of people on line. Accordingly, if they love your brand they share that information as well.

Famous Discoveries specializes in deeply identifying the key aspects that consumers want and appreciate about products. We position products so that the social sentiment that consumers have regarding your brand will send the right message and have the best response. Because of experience we can provide you the exact route that is best for your product, brand and its image. Contact us today and let us help you place the X on your brands concerns.

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